Corporate Social Responsibility


Kanmo Future Leaders Fellowship (KFL Fellowship) is an internal social responsibility initiative of PT Multitrend Indo (Internal CSR) which provides opportunities for employees to pursue undergraduate education at a cost fully borne by the company. MTI alone invested more than 3.5 billion to realize this initiative.

2022 is the first year this Internal CSR initiative has been launched. PT MTI provided this scholarship to 35 beneficiary employees. In this first initiative, MTI appointed Paramadina University as a partner in implementing this initiative. Scholarship recipient employees will undergo higher education for 4 years and continue to work with various additional benefits provided by the company to succeed in this vision program to improve the quality of human resources in MTI and Indonesia in general.

With this program, we can see the staff become more confident in doing their jobs. Apart from scholarships, other benefits that participants get are permanent status as MTI employees, housing allowance (for participants from outside Jabodetabek), and an increase in quota.

Testimony from KFL Fellowship Participants

"We are very pleased to be chosen as one of the recipients of the 2022 KFL Fellowship scholarship. Thank you very much to the Kanmo Group for providing support to us to continue our education up to S1. After graduating from the KFL Fellowship, we hope that the education we receive will improve our competence and also add value to our career path. Of course, we hope that Kanmo Group can continue to grow so that it becomes the leading retail company in Indonesia." - Endarwati

"Playing 3 roles in 1 agency is not easy, being a mother, employee, and student who has been in a vacuum for 14 years in the academic world. But it turns out I was wrong because I was able to do that with a satisfactory GPA result. Thank you Kanmo for the opportunity, and of course for the teachers who provide extraordinary knowledge. It is hoped that Kanmo will continue to be committed so that this CSR program is more targeted so that all employees can have the same opportunities as me, have a career and receive a proper education." - Vivi

"From the initial registration, selection, to becoming a student is a very long process. The announcement of graduation announced on the August 17 celebration was a moment of sadness mixed with happiness. The feeling of sadness is when I have to leave my mother at home and my co-workers who are my second home. Happy when I was able to get a full 100% of college students from the company I work for. And now I have had 1 semester with satisfactory grades and gained new knowledge. A modern and updated learning system. Thank you to my second home "KANMO GROUP" for giving us the opportunity to pave the way for our bright future. Hopefully with this program KANMO GROUP will be more victorious and advanced." - Arman